Our logistics and supply chain consultants have significant experience in developing the scope, specifications and tender documents for all manner of supply chain services and equipment.  We are able to professionally manage the process, from requirements definition to evaluation of the final pricing from suppliers, to ensure that you receive the best value which meets your requirements.


Our team have experience in working with  transport and logistics service providers, and are able to prepare outsourcing tenders to cover all operational and service requirements.  We will manage the tender process from beginning to end, from writing the scope, to response evaluation, and final negotiations for global, and Australian-based multi-modal warehousing, and freight tenders.

After a period of growth or expansion, many companies may be required to select and outsource some of their fundamental supply chain operations to a third-party- provider. Without a comprehensive understanding of the pros and cons of outsourcing logistics functions, or even changing providers for your business for the first time, can bring large potential risks ranging from commercial disagreements with the chosen service provider to service disruption, resulting in lost sales and customer service issues.

Our consultants at Henderson Logistics have reviewed, developed and managed many procurement and outsourcing solutions on behalf of clients over the years.  This experience can level the playing field in contract negotiations and provide market knowledge into pricing structures, benchmarks and 3PL engagement.

Our approach to outsourcing logistics services:

  • Identify the most appropriate suppliers that can provide the logistics functions you require to outsource. This will incorporate their capacity, industry experience, track record and enablement systems.
  • Manage the request for information (RFI) process to create a shortlist of key vendors to ask for a detailed bid
  • Specify your requirement in a detailed request for quotation (RFQ) process to ensure that meaningful, directly comparable offers are made
  • Evaluate the comparative bids enabling you to understand the end-to-end costs and  risks involved with each provider
  • Engage with you and the selected supplier in the negotiation and contracting phase advising you on what to expect and how you can drive further value for your business


Our team have close working relationships with all major suppliers of warehouse equipment and supporting logistics systems, and can prepare work specifications and tender documents for the following:

  • Storage medium eg pallet racking, including selective, double deep, cantilever, drive-in and rack entry  module systems, ASRS
  • Henderson Logistics - outsourcingPallet and carton conveyor systems including sortation
  • Mezzanine floors, offices and other warehouse facilities
  • Materials handling equipment from standard electric reach and gas counterbalance forklifts to narrow aisle, turret and articulated units
  • Man-up stock pickers, cranes, garment hanging, lift tables and other specialty devices
  • Vertical carousels and lifts
  • Dangerous goods storage, aerosol cages, bunkers and exclusion zones
  • Location labelling
  • Warehouse signage and line marking
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), including Pick-to-light, Voice Pick and RF Pick technologies
  • Transport Management Systems (TMS)

By designing and specifying the required equipment, we ensure that you get exactly what you need to suit each application. Our consultants have managed hundreds of systems and equipment procurement projects, and can ensure you are getting value for money in a market in which most companies rarely engage.

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