As transport consultants, Hendersons provide specialist advice on achieving best solutions for transport of goods of all kinds throughout Australia. As part of our overall skills as outsourced distribution consultants, matters addressed start with a full assessment of national transport needs in order to prepare a work specification. This would cover fleet management, vehicle utilisation, optimised runs and all related issues. Our logistics consultancy would then prepare tender documents and initiate the bidding process. Hendersons would confer with participants and would receive, rank and present results to the client. Acting as facilitators in this transport specialist role, project management of the engagement and commencement of a new transport contract agreement can be conducted with preparation of all documents.

Henderson Logistics - transportThe following factors are addressed in transport assessments.

  • Strategy for national transport
  • Transport costs and service levels
  • Supply to regional, country and interstate customers
  • Route planning and fleet structure
  • Transport agreement documentation
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