Project and program management requires significant skills in planning, organising and managing resources against specific objectives, timelines and cost budgets. Henderson Logistics provides experienced project managers, with the organisational and communication skills that they continually practice through the implementation of our supply chain and logistics solutions and recommendations. These include network implementation, relocating an existing warehouse or start-up of a complex highly automated facility, equipment and system procurement, installing, testing and commissioning.


The key tasks for the consultants at Henderson Logistics for a typical warehouse and distribution centre implementation project management is as follows:

  • Put in place and manage program governance
  • Finalised design layout, equipment, functional and operations process support
  • Support procurement process as required
  • Confirm installations meet designs and specifications
  • Manage automation and any other suppliers
  • Generate plans for installation coordinating planned activities with all key stakeholders internal and external
  • Ensure installation of safety equipment and procedures
  • Agree test strategy and arrange resources required
  • Lead the commissioning through to  acceptance
  • Deliver the IT changes required to integrate the new equipment, including system testing
  • Slotting of all SKUs in the warehouse to ensure minimised operator travel distances. This will also enable the smooth transfer of stocks from current positions to new locations during the transition period.


Without a total and secure supply chain solution, system implementation can fail at the first attempt and become a long and protracted, costly project. Working with your team, our consultants will cover all elements of your ERP, warehouse and supply chain system installation; this could also include the writing of procedures and delivering the necessary training for successful implementation and provide ongoing support at all levels throughout your internal and external supply chains.


Change can provide businesses with major challenges without the support of the right people to help facilitate the process. The Henderson Logistics management team have all come from hands-on operational backgrounds and have the experience and skills to provide change management services for these types of projects, and are an ideal resource to assist the day-to-day management team with specialist expertise.

A short-term management engagement can be cost-effective, delivering results to the business while minimising business disruption and risks. There are no commissions payable for finding new staff and we are flexible, able to work the hours and times you need.

The team at Henderson Logistics are happy to assist with as little or as much as our clients need to ensure a successful project, such as:

  • Full project management of the process from concept through to stabilised continuing operations
  • Establishment of Standard Operating Procedures, Rules and Regulations, Safety Standards etc.
  • Management of the change process
  • Operational support during transition
  • Set up and measure key performance indicators
  • Optimisation of processes and systems
  • Data integrity and system integration
  • Replacement for existing management who are fully engaged or absent
  • Mentoring and coaching


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