Establishing and implementing the most suitable and relevant warehouse design from the outset can have a profound influence on the useful life of the facility, its capacity and productivity, and of course, significant financial benefits. Henderson Logistics’ consultants bring the experience of numerous warehouse design and warehouse improvement projects, having successfully completed projects across all industry sectors.

We provide designs for Greenfield sites and upgrades to existing premises to meet the needs of your business now and into the future. Our specialist consultants work closely with your team to ensure that the options considered and the rationale behind our recommendations are well understood. As with all projects, Henderson Logistics base the design on your unique business, analysing transactional data, speaking with key staff and observing existing operations to determine your specific requirements and constraints.

Our designs incorporate all areas of the warehouse from receiving to despatch, including floor space, headroom, fire egress, walkways, doorways, staging areas, transfers, WH&S considerations, storage modes, order picking procedures, travel distances, packing areas, plus loading for despatch.

We regularly work with our warehouse design clients in establishing:

  • Greenfield design and incorporation with industrial building designers / developers
  • Re-configuration of existing warehouse & distribution facilities
  • Optimised facility design / layout, handling practices and workflows
  • Warehouse and inventory management techniques to optimise workflow and costs
  • Operator travel times and pick rate modelling to support optimised layouts
  • KPI development and performance management
  • Potential for warehouse management and other systems plus required specifications
  • Automation and material handling systems design and development
  • Stock location and picking strategies
  • Distribution centre capacity assessments

We have designed and implemented systems including:

  • Pick-to-light
  • RF picking
  • Scan packing
  • Carton sortation
  • Automated hanging garment sortation
  • Cross-belt and tilt-tray sortation
  • Voice-pick technology
  • Single, double, drive-in racking
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Goods-to-Person operations
  • Vertical carousels and lifts
  • ASRS
  • Manual picking operations
  • Dangerous goods storage and handling

All of our designs are supported by a detailed report on the findings accompanied by CAD drawings, equipment specifications and a capital budget for any recommended installations. All drawings and the specification will be in sufficient detail for tenders to be called and work to be carried out.


In addition to warehouse design, Henderson Logistics also offers 3PL review services to:

  • Review processes and procedures within the operation of outsourced 3PL operations to maximise value for the client
  • Analyse 3PL cost structures to ensure they confirm with contractual agreements and are baselined against industry standards


Henderson Logistics are also available to develop Traffic Management Plans for the movement of heavy vehicles, materials handling equipment and pedestrians around the warehouse site. We can provide recommendations on traffic and staff flows throughout the site, plus any safety barriers, equipment, line marking or signage required.


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