In logistics planning the spread of distribution centre locations in Australia and New Zealand requires the network suited to fulfil orders by region. Appraisals are conducted by Hendersons on service parameters, central versus regionalised sites, overland transport rates and other factors to establish the best strategy.

Supply chain strategy in distribution to the national customer base can be established for cost effective performance and improved service levels. Centralised distribution can be compared to a state based network of warehouses and outsourced warehousing versus in house options can also be considered. Different industries need different solutions. Transport solutions such as break bulk, linehaul, direct delivery plus metropolitan route and country deliveries can be assessed. Captive fleet and contracted operator analysis can demonstrate benefits compared to in house transport solutions.

The following factors are investigated in these projects.

  • Supply chain planning
  • Regional networks
  • Transport costs
  • Central versus regional solutions
  • Procurement & Inventory

Henderson Logistics - Strategy Development

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