GOLDEN CIRCLE CASE STUDY - Hendersons Logistics - Supply Chain planning - Sydney & MelbourneGOLDEN CIRCLE

This organisation is a major producer and supplier in the food and beverage fields nationally and to export. The cannery at Northgate in Brisbane has a long history in receiving, processing and packaging fruit and other produce for the national market under Golden Circle, a household name on supermarket shelves. At Mill Park in Melbourne the Original Juice Company operates a significant fresh chilled juice plant that supplies to both route and bulk markets, mainly in eastern Australia.

As supply chain consultants, Hendersons were engaged to conduct a series of logistics planning strategy studies to assist in the upgrade of performance in the facilities and as transport consultants in assessing costs and service parameters in order fulfillment.

GOLDEN CIRCLE CASE STUDY - Hendersons Logistics - Supply Chain planning - Sydney & MelbourneNorthgate
Increasing throughput over the years and spread of the manufacturing footprint had progressively encroached on finished product storage space. Overflow storage at a number of surrounding sites was taken. Problems in occupancy costs, operating procedures and double handling became so pressing that a fresh solution was needed. As specialists in warehouse design, Hendersons were called in to assess the overall arrangements for finished product receiving, storage and order selection. It became apparent that a pallet of product could move up to twelve times from production to ultimate despatch.

Hendersons applied their logistics planning skills and developed solutions to maximize existing footprint.
A new distribution centre was also proposed on the adjoining site to the north and Hendersons prepared the concept warehouse design of this 15,000 sq m facility for utilization and coordination with the existing operations.

Mill Park
The Original Juice Company at this facility produces fresh chilled fruit and other juice ranges. These are supplied to bulk and route markets in the three eastern states. As transport consultants, Hendersons were engaged for a strategy and costs study to establish best basis to reach the route markets in Sydney and Brisbane. This involved research into bulk movements to hubs and 3PL outsourcing assessments for storage and coordination of route deliveries.

The ultimate solution was comprised of logistics outsourcing and in house control of hubs at the varying locations. This supply chain planning was supported by cost and operating models to justify the findings

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