TRANSGRID CASE STUDY - Hendersons Logistics - Supply Chain planning - Sydney & MelbourneTRANSGRID

This organisation controls installations, maintenance and servicing of all electric power cabling in NSW. Continued growth in demand and support requirements for their stake holders and clients in regional areas throughout the state called for upgrades in facilities.
As logistics consultants, Hendersons were engaged progressively to address warehouse design improvement or replacement at each site. The state is serviced by three significant centres at Yass, Wallgrove and Waratah.

Engagement of Hendersons was initially for warehouse layout in the new building at Yass. Hendersons commenced assessments for supply chain planning by reviewing the ranges and volumes to be stored for the southern region serviced from this site. The existing facility was to be incorporated in the warehouse design solution. Stores included cable, parts support, componentry, service records and archives. Warehouse layout was developed to installation quality and comprised storage modes, materials handling, internal and external space utilization plus staging and marshalling areas for receipt and despatch.
As warehouse consultants, Hendersons were then engaged to carry out project management of the installations. This included supervision of all works plus the slotting exercise for stock locations in the new configuration.

Previous projects for TransGrid have been carried out at this site by logistics consultants Hendersons. These have related to progressive increase in customer demand and have sought best solutions for maximized utilization of the existing buildings and external space. Warehouse layout specialists Hendersons were then called on to prepare the design solution to best utilize the expanded facilities at maximize stores operation on this site.
Warehouse design was prepared along the lines of the Yass project and follow up was carried out during implementation.

An overall redevelopment of this total facility was envisaged by TransGrid. As a part of this project, warehouse design specialists, Hendersons were engaged to assess to concept the reorganization of warehousing requirements at Waratah. This will form part of the total solution for this site.

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